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February 02 2016




spiders georg: I live in cave and eat over 10,000 spiders each day

everyone else: you fucked up a perfect good factoid is what you did. look at it. it’s got statistical error.

I’m so upset I can’t even believe,… 2 of the purest memes tumblr has ever soiled,, merged together into one horrible reminder of our greed and our lack of self control. I want to scream. I don’t even know if this is satire or not. Delete this site.

fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak memes stronger

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like i have no idea what this says but it changed my life

“I saw daniel craig when he was a stormtrooper.  great hat + abs”

Useless fact 1


Oceania is the planet’s smallest continent. It is without doubt one of the most diverse and fascinating areas on the planet. A large percentage of geography experts now consider the long-established continent of Australia to be more accurately defined as Australia/Oceania. WHICH IS GOOD BECAUSE IT AINT JUST AUSTRIALIA sorry I had too.

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Rami Malek out in Beverly Hills

he is suspicious

Why does he look so good



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“Your job — as students who are receiving an education — is to be aware of your privilege. And use this particular privilege called “education” to do your best to achieve great things, all the while advocating for those in the rows behind you.”



Wow this is a masterpiece

How inspirational….

Great explanation.


the parks and recreation theme song is what the inside of a golden retriever’s head sounds like

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Burnie and Ashley being literally perfect in the CBS Partner Predictions Challenge for The Amazing Race 28


if u donuts wanna start shipping new star wars characters then be my fucking guest but mama din’t raise no fool. im waitin til i know who related to who so i don’t have to spend the next ten years in the shower praying for forgiveness. fool me once, george lucas.

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god I’m absolutely going to hell I’m sorry guys 

I was at my friend’s engagement party yesterday and everyone was about to do cheers with these nasty ass shots of blue tequila but I don’t drink and I especially do not drink tequila, blue or otherwise, so I grabbed a piece of bread from the basket on the table and just tapped it against people’s glasses like it was a legitimate beverage instead of a wheat byproduct 

and one of my friends was like ‘ho what in god’s name are you doing’ 

and I didn’t know how to say I would rather slice of my own foot than drink tequila so I just held my bread up and said ‘I’m toasting’ 

and in that moment I felt my soul descend directly into the eighteenth circle of hell

As a dad i approve of this

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im not a grump fan but boy this hair sure was fun


so apparently while Padmé’s handmaidens were training in “handmaiden bootcamp”, Padmé went and joined in on the training pretending to be a handmaiden too to get to know the girls better, and then later revealed herself to actually be Queen Amidala
so basically

“hi i’m padmé the radar technician”

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Allan Dixon has mastered the art of the animal selfie. Though they appear very casual, he sometimes spends hours gaining an animal’s trust before a shot.


February 01 2016

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i use selfies to check my makeup i swear 


Everyone has that game that just feels like home you know? Like every time you boot it up, it just feels like you’re coming home after a long, stressful day of real life. And no matter how many other games you play, you will always have that one ready and waiting for you

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This is Han Solo’s son we’re talking about there’s a 200% chance he has wookie as his second language

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