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July 03 2017




mom: hey *dad’s name* oh whoops i mean *brother’s name* oh no *sister’s name* i mean *name of the family goldfish* ah shoot i meant *your name* can you get down here really quick i need something

my dad has literally called me by his own name. 

My mom calls me by our dog’s name.

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So a few days ago...


I made a post on twitter about a little thing that happened to me while cleaning you may have seen it on twitter..
and it kinda like, blew up…

Leading to fans

Many skeptics

Alex fucking Hirsch liked it, so of course I drew him a Mabel ditto

I drew another of her essential look

And used the power of a dumb viral tweet to share positivity with hundreds of people.

And by god it actually was featured by twitter on their “Twitter Moments”

This silly post I made on a whim touched over 1.5 million people (according to twitter analytics). Was shared by thousands, and liked by even more.

She made not only other peoples days brighter, but mine as well seeing people react to such a genuinely pure and kind hearted post!

She truly thanks all of you for your kind words and she hopes you have a wonderful day!

-Love, WigDitto Dana and @Doodlefrog (Also known as Savannahfaerie)




The reason most millennials don’t make a scene when an establishment doesn’t treat them right is because we function more on positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement. For Boomers, they can make a scene because they know negative reinforcement gets them what they want; they want to PUNISH these establishments or workers, but Millennial purchasing patterns are very different.

Growing up in the computer age, we’ve become masterful at filtering junk information, and that includes advertising. It doesn’t matter how much a politician or restaurant or whatever memes, we’ll find them funny, but we’re still not going to shop there or give them our money of we dislike them. The way brands become successful with Millennials is actually just word of mouth.

So when an establishment treats us poorly, we don’t make a scene. We simply never go back and don’t tell our friends about it. Conversely, places that treat us well we immediately go tell others about.

The simplest ways to get Millennials to support your business is to give them good economic value for what you sell (Boomers can think we’re irresponsible, but we’re actually quite thrifty), you have to treat us with dignity, but ALSO, you have to treat your WORKERS with dignity. Unlike Boomers who get off on laughing at someone working at McDonald’s, we’ve all had to work shitty, underpaying jobs and we don’t like when we go to an establishment and see workers mistreated and poorly paid, because WE’VE BEEN THERE, and we don’t want to contribute to that gross abuse of the working class.

These rich CEOs can complain that Millennials have “no brand loyalty” or that we’re “killing XYZ industry,” but the truth is that selling to us consistently requires ethical business practices that most of these companies are unwilling to partake in.

Our loyalty is to our fellow people, not your marketing strategies

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Famiiar Series | Corvids
Shop: Straunge Wunder

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Casual Pleated High Waist Mini Skirt ♡ ♡  (7 colors are available)

Find more skirts here and use discount code “sherry15” to save 15% OFF!!

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Best artist of our generation

He made it look so easy

Picasso who?

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This is how I imagine genderfluid people

This is exactly how genderfluid people work.

Reposted byRekrut-K Rekrut-K



Every time a neurotypical says “it must not have mattered to you if you forgot it” they owe people with executive dysfunction $1

Ohoh! and another $1 for every “You never forget to do the stuff you want to do”

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  • Wishlist Dream Daddy on Steam!

Shit, how do I choose?!

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jewish lgbt pride themed aesthetic board!

/ / / / / / / /

hi everyone! i was kindly informed that one of the pictures i included was not of an lgbt individual, so i have replaced it!!!!

if you could reblog this version instead (and possibly even delete the original rb) i would greatly appreciate it!!!!

im begging yall pls reblog the updated version of this instead

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‘Yer a Wizard, Harry’


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when u can’t decide between tanking and healing


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tag ya damn self


^^^Clevelands only redeeming quality besides the Cava


New mission. Travel the world eat all the hotdogs



when a teamfight starts and the entire enemy team start blowing their ults and you dont know who to focus on 

وريهم قوتك HAMMER DOJUSTICE RAINS FROM ABОгонь по готовности竜神の剣を喰らえ

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«Нам два взрослых и один детский, пожалуйста.»…

“Two adult and one child ticket, please”

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